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What if everything was humanly defined?

Well, it is. Everything that we know is defined by us humans and everything that we don't know is going to be defined by us too. It's pretty obvious but, is everything that we defined so far "right" from a "creator" perspective (if it exists) or from an "origin" perspective (if that's the case)?

This is a blog that I am writing at 4 AM and I am kinda bored so I am just gonna write about some theories and thoughts in my mind. I have always thought about this problem or "concept".

We defined everything and we are the ones who decide if it's true or not, what if we were wrong all along, again from a "correctness" perspective? Oh okay, I get that you are not understanding what I am about to go on about this so I will give you an example.

We have so many scientific theories and some of them are proved with the laws of science which by the way is also defined by us and how sure are we that "that is the intention of that…