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What if everything was humanly defined?

Well, it is. Everything that we know is defined by us humans and everything that we don't know is going to be defined by us too. It's pretty obvious but, is everything that we defined so far "right" from a "creator" perspective (if it exists) or from an "origin" perspective (if that's the case)?

This is a blog that I am writing at 4 AM and I am kinda bored so I am just gonna write about some theories and thoughts in my mind. I have always thought about this problem or "concept".

We defined everything and we are the ones who decide if it's true or not, what if we were wrong all along, again from a "correctness" perspective? Oh okay, I get that you are not understanding what I am about to go on about this so I will give you an example.

We have so many scientific theories and some of them are proved with the laws of science which by the way is also defined by us and how sure are we that "that is the intention of that certain functionality in this universe"... Let's say gravity, we have an idea of why gravity exists and the purpose of it but what if the idea and purpose of it we theorized are wrong?

Well, gravity is a real thing and I am not saying that it doesn't exist. What I am saying is, the purpose and idea of it we theorized might be wrong. It might be just there for some other reason, like some other principle of the universe requires this law to work, like everything is dependant on each other and everything has its contribution to make the whole universe work. Well, I defined that so...

Every scientific discovery we made has been a success otherwise we wouldn't label it as a discovery with pride. So it all worked out, we know the distance between planets, stars, and we even saw how black holes look like. So our definitions were right otherwise how could we do these discoveries and inventions? Let's put it this way, we discovered or invented all these things with "our" definitions thinking that is how "something" works. It's just that the definition we came up with is just one idea and purpose of the definition and maybe not the one the "creator"/"origin" intended it to have.

Let's talk about an easier example, most religions state that there are hell and heaven. The ones who do good deeds will end up in heaven and the ones who do bad deeds will end up in hell. Hmm, pretty interesting concept. So what's does this have to do with anything I just talked about? Here we go...

You can go around and ask anybody what a good deed and a what a bad deed is, everyone could tell an example too. I will demonstrate if you want... Donating money to charity is a good deed and stealing money from a person is a bad deed. Pretty simple right?

As I said before, everything was defined by us. Good deeds and bad deeds too. I know what you're thinking so I will just repeat that with a little more elaboration. We are the ones who defined that "donating money to charity" is a good deed and "stealing money from a person" is a bad deed, why? A Life System.

We were not pre-programmed to know what a good deed and a bad deed is, that is exactly why kids who brought up by bad parents turn out to be bad as well. (not in every case I know, but that's because the kid learned that from "others")

When a baby is born, it doesn't know stealing money from a person is a bad deed, in fact, it doesn't even know what a person or money is!

We made a system and we live based on the system that we made! Seems to work pretty organized tho!

The first few people on Earth obviously just cared about surviving which is pre-programmed. Finding food and water was the only purpose, well that's exactly the same purpose we have currently but we just over-complicated the process.

If they just decide that killing one of their fellow humans is a good deed, they would just keep on killing or fighting and that might have been the end of humanity. So why didn't it happen? Emotions, that is the only thing that differentiates us from artificial or unnatural things. All of this happened because of human emotion, intuition, and feeling which collectively with other elements makes consciousness.

The first few people on Earth obviously connected with the fellow humans emotionally, the pre-programmed thing that we all have and knew that killing the fellow human will make them emotionally lonely than before... Umm Nah it's not that deep, it's just that the fellow humans will lose their army of food hunters which might make the process slow, and yeah emotions are a contribution to it too.

Are we meant to find if we are in a simulation or inventing rockets to travel through space or are we just meant to hunt for food, drink water, and repeat, from a creator perspective?

Have you seen that OpenAI's Multi-Agent Hide and Seek project? If you haven't you should watch it. It demonstrates a hide and seek game simulation played by an AI model. Two AI agents are meant to hide and one AI agent tries to find them. At the end of the simulation, after multiple iterations, the seeker agent figures out a way to break the game and make use of glitch which is to slide with one of the physical props in the game to bypass hiding techniques used by the other two agents. Did the OpenAI researchers who made the project expect that to happen? No! Did the creator of our simulation expect us to do the things that we're doing right now like me writing this blog? Hmm, interesting right?

Mostly everything is unfalsifiable, are we in a simulation that is created by ourselves in the future? Well, the possibility of that happening/happened "might" not be zero.

There is no way we can know what all this is and what's the point. If there is a creator why did he make the universe, what does it want from us? Or if there is no creator, what the hell happened? All of this is just a coincidence, I think not. ;)

Can there be something from nothing? I don't really think so but all of this has been created in a "time" right? Like what was there in this space when none of this didn't exist? Or was it existing all along? How is that possible, there must be a time before "that" right? Or is there? I don't think humans have the intelligence to understand and comprehend the "before time" or it is just that we don't have the context in the first place, who knows.

And have you ever thought are we going on the right path? What if we were not meant to fly rockets to mars or to look for extraterrestrial life? The problem is that we don't know what's the right path so we are just trying random things like a dictionary attack until something strikes, yeah a "good emotion" that we are going in the right direction. So what did we end up with again? Yeah, emotion.

We don't know shit man, we're just chillin' out here trying random things until it works. At least we are doing a good job in keeping up the "good deeds" and "good emotions" that we ourselves defined with "our intuition".

What if nothing is real and all these visions we see are just shown with a physical and optical response? How sure are you that the things you see are actually real? What if everything is just conscious energy? If you don't get it, I will give you a simple example. Colorblind people don't know how a non-color blind person sees the world, in this case, the only difference is the optical response but what if nothing really exists like we think it does?

And by the way, I promise I am not high on 5 bags of weed, I am just writing about the things I think and I don't know why I am doing that.

How does it all connect and depend on each other, if you're a programmer, here is what I meant, it's like node modules, some modules depend on some other module and it just goes on...

I failed at high school physics but most equations and formulas depend on some other equations or formulas as far as I know. Like how speed, distance, and time are connected and depend on each other, it's like how the speed of light c and the gravitational constant g are being used to calculate other constants, it's all somehow connected and balanced as all things should be...

People with common perspectives united to invent and discover very diverse things. Do you agree with that dumb person who always does things just for the sake of their benefit? No, right? But I just said "that dumb person" and didn't name anyone, you just thought about "that person" which "you" think is dumb where some others think they are not. It's just in your perspective... If you didn't think about anyone, good thing that you don't think anyone is dumb. :)

I remember when I planned the things I would do in 2020 but COVID stepped in and ruined it all somehow... Did I expect that? Hell NO! But I do have a revised plan... But will that be ruined too? I don't know man! The answer is, it's not in your control, it's in everyone's control collectively.

A friend randomly giving me $10 million dollars might change my plans so yeah it just depends. I have always thought why most scientists or the people who have studied about a certain topic when asked about a really simple question in their field, the answer most often is just "it depends", now I understand, it just depends... lol.

Why am I writing this shit where I am "maybe" supposed to work on a side project or work on that YouTube video I planned posting 4 months ago... It was because I had a conversation with some of my friends on Discord and I thought about why some of my friends think different in every fuckin way, I am feeling some kinda weird thing or maybe I am just somehow high lol. I am just confused man, I don't understand why everyone is running for money but then I realize it's to buy water and food but wait... Isn't water and food just available in nature and we just take it and share it? yeah, man, we over-complicated the process of sharing... Well, for a reason, we made the system of jobs and work for an individual to contribute to "something that we defined"!

It's just through questioning things we got here so far, I think we should just keep doing that... Or is this all going to be wasted? From our perspective, it's better to do so because YOLO lol, I mean you only might be having this one chance. Or is this even a chance? Nobody knows nothing, there are no secrets and shit, it's just that we know nothing and we're just learning about the things we defined and repeating it over and over again.

It's all connected, everything should be how it is to be how it is. Quantum Entanglement? Yeah, we defined that too.

We are never going to find the answer because we don't know the question! Then what are we trying to find answers for? The questions that we defined!

And that said, everything is humanly defined.

That's all we have, I am not complaining, I am just thinking about what the hell are we doing here... No purpose, nothing... What's all this for? Anyways, I am having that "fun emotion we defined" and I hope I will have it forever... :)

Is this how being high feels like? I've never done pot or smoked weed but if this is how it feels like, I have been thinking like this and similar things my entire life constantly, so just keep that in mind, I am not high, I am just chillin'. And obviously, I don't talk like this or about these to anyone, I just wrote this at 4 AM on my very personal blog. :)

These are just random thoughts I had in my mind and thought of writing about it on my blog at 4 AM for no goddamn reason... Whatever I said might be really stupid so take it with a grain of salt because it's just "my perspective".

I guess I should stop here and sleep lol... Okay then, have a "day that we define as being good"... :)

Bye, 137

Twitter: @mufeedvh


  1. This paragraph, its absolutely true:
    "That's all we have, I am not complaining, I am just thinking about what the hell are we doing here... No purpose, nothing... What's all this for? Anyways, I am having that "fun emotion we defined" and I hope I will have it forever... :)"

    We live thinking we will be happy if we do this thing as we do from birth to death, generations continue but there is no purpose actually.


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