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Patterns & Lanterns

Hey, umm... I don't know how to start this and just like my previous post I am writing this at 3 AM so let's just get straight to the point... yeah?

...Have you ever noticed any patterns between certain events? Like patterns that make you think life is a simulation? ... Oh okay, I will elaborate on my question a bit more but let me think how I would go about that first...

The patterns I am talking about are not visual symmetric patterns like geometric shapes or anything but patterns between X and Y, can be two events, two-person, or even a person and an event that you can use to make a mind map with or that makes you go "Woaahhh, that seems weirdly connected".

I talk to myself a lot as if I am two different people in my head, I can ask a question and answer it myself just like how someone else would. Just simulating a conversation between myself. But yo this is not me asking a rhetorical question, I am just thinking something but in a conversation format because that's kinda fun! This might seem very weird to you but... umm yeah it is... but I know some people who do the same so I guess am not alone if they were not pretending to blend with me.

As this is how I think about anything since childhood I setup weird games that eventually turn into habits. If you want an example... umm... yeah! This is very weird but one of them is that I have assigned a song or music to almost every individual I know, some of them overlap but I get this song/music in my head when I see or just think about them. I don't know how I just assign it but there are some patterns that make a person related to a song/music. Okay I know you might be curious if you're someone who personally knows me so don't ask me the song I've assigned to you, I won't tell you lol.

So whenever I listen to a particular song/music, I recall the person assigned to it most of the time. It's kinda weird but it actually helps me a lot to not forget anyone easily and it's a cool memory game to assign as much as possible and recall them. Some of the songs end up on my playlist and here come the patterns. I noticed that most of my favorites were actually the ones assigned to people I really like. So my favorites are not only based on my music taste but also the people I assigned to it which basically comes down to some favorite moments or events I had in my life. But this is a normal occurrence and I just wanted to get you in the boat to get to the actual wave. :)

from the movie, I Origins

One of my good friends suggested me the movie I Origins. But let's get to know how it happened...

So this friend after watching this movie was so moved by it that he started thinking about patterns. He did a mapping between some certain people, I am not going to get into the details because I think this isn't something he would allow me to share. :)

What he came up with was very fascinating! He wanted to share it and did a conference call with me, one very good friend, and him. He pitched the idea and the stuff he had done and then it hit me... I have been doing this exact same thing but not on a digital map or anything, all in my head. I kinda felt a relief that someone else is getting to this pattern thingy and we talked for a long time discussing just patterns.

Although the patterns he showed can be considered a coincidence, because there was a very common element in it; however, it was really creepy patterns in context.

I have been doing this for years and it would've been so cool if I had documented at least half of it as a digital tree/map. But I do remember the patterns I've noticed that seemed weird or very creepy or simply the ones that feel like a glitch in the simulation.

This has helped me a lot with understanding people. Oh, that reminds me of another mind game of mine where I try to predict how a person is like just by their looks before getting to actually know them. In simple words, judging a book by its cover. I would love to brag that most of my predictions were accurate and the ones that were wrong were the most interesting people I've ever met. Easily predictable characters usually didn't stick much longer and... that's a pattern right there!

I think am an introverted person but I hate these terminologies that people came up with for people who just don't like to waste time talking random shit which wouldn't remotely benefit the people in the conversation in any way. Okay sorry, not getting into that... So I actually talk very well with like-minded people which by the way are usually the ones I found hard predicting.

I honestly don't know if I am correctly leading you to the crucial parts but what I am trying to do is to make you think about how there are patterns in certain things that make everything seem predetermined.

I am really finding it hard to give you a very good example of such patterns I've noticed, but for fuck sake almost all of them are personally related and can potentially leave some personal information out to the wild. Perks of working in infosec I guess, always making sure to not cause any Information Disclosures lol.

Umm... okay! I will give you one good example... This is where the crucial part begins so pay good attention... and this is personal but I will try my best to make it as redacted as possible while simultaneously making it understandable. So one day one of my parent's friends came to our home and while we were talking about the usual "what are you currently doing?" and all that involved conversation, this friend said something very "out of the blue"... "Our children's names also start with the same letters", so for context, my siblings' names all starts with "Mu" and ends with "d" where their's had the same pattern but different letters which I am not gonna write for obvious reasons. That got into my pattern matching mind game and this is where it actually gets weird...

I was zoned out from that moment just thinking about how there might be other patterns as well as my mind is constantly asking to seek for some reason (this is that "asking to myself" mind game shit btw).

I noticed that the guests had very clean phones, with no scratch or cracks and in very good condition. So for more context, here I am trying to look for other patterns and these are the things I am noticing one by one. I then stepped out to see what car they own. And lo and behold, they have the same car as us, and even the same color.

Then I just thought that it might be just a coincidence as the car is kinda popular here. And then... this is where it gets really weird...

I saw they had a cute little toy on the car's dashboard and then I remembered that we have them too... the exact same one on the exact same position and I was like 👁️👄👁️.

Okay, that might be a coincidence as well right? Well, take this...

The car was right behind ours so I didn't see the number plate and when they were about to leave, they were taking a reverse and the number plate slowly starts being visible... Guess what? The car had the same exact number pattern as ours. Like exact... the same numbers swapped... I am not gonna get into more details of the pattern as I don't want to leave out any information that could easily be traced because the pattern is so weirdly obvious.

Umm... actually tho, this is just half of the cake! The guest was one of my parent's friends... how? They studied together a long time ago... but wanna hear somethin else? One of their children was a classmate of mine a long time ago... as well. Doesn't this seem something straight outta a sci-fi movie or somethin?

But yoo, this is just one of such events, I've noticed tons of such patterns...

Have you ever noticed something like this? If so please send it to me, I am really interested in this... like really...

So this movie I Origins had a really interesting portray of patterns. The protagonist in the movie sees this number 11 everywhere that he considers as his lucky number and the main aspect of the movie is revolving around the patterns in the eyes. On this "seeing a number every time" thing, a lot of people have experienced it or is experiencing it and yeah it's very common. This is how I perceive it...

If you see this number on something in your visible environment, it's probably your subconscious telling you to look at it just because you think you will see this number everywhere or simply the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon aka frequency illusion/bias. But if you see this number in something out of your vision radius completely out of your control really frequently, then it might be something to look into but that sounds very spiritual, right? Yeah, and I am not someone who is that spiritual so I don't really see any significance. I just have this notion that there is a very small chance that it might be a pattern in the simulation or at least it's cool to assume lol.

And if you see any numbers just like this, please send them to me as well... I just wanna know if it's similar numbers with different people... 😌

I really have the urge to share some of the pinnacle ones in my noticed patterns list but all of them that comes to my mind can leave out any information that could point out to the person/event involved. There are really weird ones where there are patterns that match with people completely unrelated, places that look exactly the same where I met the same person at different times, etc.

I would actually suggest you look out for patterns in everything, I personally think it's really interesting but can be creepy in some instances.

And why is there a "Lanterns" in the post title you may ask... well, I've gotten a lot of ideas and thoughts just because of these patterns, lanterns are a source of light where patterns for me are a source of dopamine (I mean it's fun lol), just thinking about it in fascination is really dopamine-releasing (yeah I coined that term, you're welcome) and also the fact that Lanterns rhymes with Patterns so the article looks cool.

A random thing you didn't ask for: I was listening to All I Need by Air while writing this and if you're into just spending some time thinking about random shit, I would recommend this track, and this one from I Origins just because this blog covers it. :)

To end this whole spaghetti of an article, I would really love to mention that I probably have Apophenia and I should STFU. Thank You if you read this whole mess, I really appreciate it.

Bye, 137

Twitter: @mufeedvh


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